What to do if I Received Fake Note (Currency) from ATM?

We all are hearing news from word of mouth or over social media or on news channel that customer received fake currency from the ATM, as it is the responsibility of bank that customer receive the genuine note from the ATM but sometime its not happened if a customer get the fake currency of Rs. 2000 or Rs. 500 it will be huge loss for anyone either you receive a single fake note or multiple note you don’t have to worry just follow the below said things and you will get the same amount from the bank, we have noticed that some time bank don’t take responsibility and trying to deny that its not there responsibility in such cases what a consumer can do I have shared the same in detail below, so have a glance on it and do share with as much as you can so that, others can get benefits from it.

Things to Do If You Received Fake Currency (Note) from ATM

From now whenever you withdrawal money from ATM please don’t leave the ATM without checking the note if you found any note fake then do the following things.

  1. Must take ATM cash withdrawal slip
  2. Do not tear the slip immediately, because slip is the only prove that you have withdrawal that note from the ATM.
  3. If the note is fake, then you must displayed it in CCTV camera of the ATM.
  4. However if the camera is not in working condition don’t worry every ATM has a guard informed the guard about the fake currency and ask him to note it down in his register, he will note down your note (currency) serial number, transaction id, date, day, time etc and sign on register and also take guard signature on register.

Contact with Bank on Withdrawal of Fake Currency

If you get a fake note, you can contact any branch of the bank from which you have withdrawal the money. Please go with the ATM slip and let them know the branch manager that you have taken this note from the ATM and the official can confirm the same from the CCTV footage if he found everything ok then will return you the same value note.

Write a Complaint to RBI Online

It is noticed that some time bank deny to accept the note and try to escape from their responsibility so in such cases go to the RBI official website which is www.rbi.org.in under the consumer complaint section write your complaint and attached the support slip. RBI will pressurize bank for the same and try that you get the same value note from the bank.

File FIR regarding the Fake Currency in Nearest Police Station

If it is possible for you then visit the nearest police station with the ATM slip and fake note and lodge a complaint against the Fake currency and provide them the slip and details of the register of the guard they will give you the copy of FIR and now move to bank with the FIR copy, ATM slip and ask them to exchange the same.

Things Not to Do with Fake Currency

Well I already said what you have to do with the fake currency and now time to tell what you should not do with the fake currency. Don’t be over smart if you are thinking you received the fake currency and will use this note in the market with ease then you are wrong it could be harmful. If any police officer found the information that you are trying to use a fake currency then they will take action against you and you could be in Jail.

So it would be better be a sincere citizen and inform the police or RBI for the same or direct contact the bank regarding the fake currency bank will deposit the fake currency and will return you the same value currency and ruin the fake currency.