How to Transfer Ration Card from One State to another State – A Complete Step by Step Guide

Do you want to transfer your ration card from one state to another state? But don’t know how to do it and what is the procedure to migrate ration card from one state to another? Then don’t worry this post is made especially for you as here I have shared the information in detail so that you can do all the process yourself and listed the important documents which you have required at the time of migration of ration card.

As we know that, Ration card is issued by the State govt. and it’s one of the strongest identity and nationality proof in India, and that’s the another reason which in-force a common man to transfer ration card as it’s not use only to getting ration on subsidy price but serve as identity proof in India. In-case, if you don’t have any ration card yet then you can read my recently published article “How to Apply Ration Card in any State of India”.

Well different people have different reasons to transfer or migrate ration card but some of them possible reasons might be as follows:

  • When one shifted from one city to another for education or job purpose
  • When a woman married and move to new house

As I said, ration card is offered by the state govt. to it’s citizen and there are 3 types of ration card which are as follows:

  • White card – Annual income above Rs 1 lakh
  • Orange / Red card – Annual income between Rs 50,000- 1 lakh
  • Yellow card – For BPL (Below poverty line) citizens, with annual income less than Rs 15,000

The said method will work for all type of ration card.

Steps to Transfer Ration Card from One State to Another

transfer ration card from one state to another

Step 1: First of all you have to write an application in which it is clearly mentioned that you want to transfer your ration card. if this application is ready then attached the documents along with the application form and follow the steps:

Step 2: Visit the nearest ration card office of your area.

Step 3: Let official know that you want to transfer your ration card the official will ask for a self written application form.

Step 4: Give the application form and attached documents and submit at the counter.

Step 5: The official will verify all the documents and provide you an slip via it you can track the status of your application or via this slip you can ask the ration card official status of your application via this slip.

So must keep it safely, as if you lost this slip then you have to follow the steps once again and might be have to face some trouble if your ration card is already migrated via the last application.

(In case of married woman you have to submit the marriage card or certificate and have to provide slip of parents ration card where your name is removed)

Here is the list of documents required to transfer ration card

  • Completed and signed application form

Identify proof of the applicant can be any of the following:

  • Election photo ID card
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Any other Govt issued ID card

Applicant’s current residence proof should be submitted which can be any of the following document:

  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Latest LPG receipt
  • Bank Pass Book
  • Rental agreement/ rent paid receipt
  • Photograph of the head of the family
  • Details about the annual income of the applicant
  • Old cancelled/surrendered ration card if any

Remember you have to pay few charges for the transfer of the ration card which is different from state to state. I am sure you have get all the important information here, however if i missed any points just let me know via your comments in below box and will try to fix and if you found it worthful then just share it with your friends and family so that, needy person can get the right information.