Palghar Bhulekh Maharashtra 7/12 Satbara Utara & 8A Land Record Online

Palghar Mahabhulekh 7/12 Satbara Utara & 8A Land Records Online – If you are a citizen on the Maharashtra State then you must be aware about the Mahabhulekh 7/12 Satbara Land Record where you can check 7/12 Satbara Utara & 8A for your land online and in but some of the users want to know about the result district wise that’s why today I am going to share the details information of Palghar Mahabhulekh 7/12 Satbara Utara & 8A Land Records Online.

In early days people of Palghar (Maharashtra) have to visit the govt. offices for the copy of  7/12 Satbara Utara & 8A Map records which was really time consuming and money wasting to keep in mind the govt. of Maharashtra has launched the dedicated portal namely “Mahabhulekh” where you can get the complete information of your land records with Khasra, Khatauni number and owner details online from the comfort of your home and can use it as per your need instead of this the main intention of the govt. was to decrease the rate of property fraud as people can view the land record online and can know who is the real owner of the land they can also view the map of the land of Palghar and can protect themselves from property fraud but due to unawareness of “Palghar Mahabhulekh” Maharashtra people are unable to use it so if you are reading this its our responsibility to share such helpful information with others so that they can be also protect themselves from property fraud.

Now the question is what is the website to view the Palghar Bulekh Land Records Online and can I or common man can use it to view 7/12 Satbara Utara & 8A? well the answer of your query is that yes there is a single website through which you can view Palghar 7/12 Satbara, Utara, 8A, Khasra Khatani & Map and this is the common website for all the districts in Maharashtra.

Palghar Mahabhulekh (Maharashtra) Land Records Online Steps to View

Steps 1: First of all you have to access the official website of Mahabhulekh which is

Step 2: Here on home page you can view the map of Maharashtra as shown below in the post here you have to choose the Select the section “विभाग निवडा” as Palghar district is under the Konkan so here you have to choose Konkan and click on Go button.

Step 3: Now the new page will be appear on the screen here if you want to see “7/12 Satbara”  “Utara” or “8A” choose the appropriate option and now choose your district.

Step 4: Choose your District and then Tehsil & Village some options will be appear on the screen choose the appropriate option whatever you know in case your don’t know the survey or gata number, पहिले नाव , मधील नाव then click on “आडनाव संपूर्ण नाव“.

Step 5: An list “गावातील एकूण नावे” will be appear from here choose the number range given on the website in the next column it will show the name of the owner of all lands in that range choose the right one for which you want to see result.

Step 6: it will ask for mobile number enter it in the prescribe box and congratulations now it will show you the result accordingly you can also take the print of the result as well and can use it as per your need.

Palghar Applichawdi Steps to View it Online

If you want to see Palghar (Maharashtra) appli chawdi then can do it via accessing following steps:

Step 1: Have to access the same web portal here you have to click on “Appli Chawdi” which can be seen on the home page or you can directly copy paste this url in your web browser:

Step 2: Here you have to choose your District, Tehsil & Village accordingly and click on “Aapli Chawdi Paha” button.

Step 3: once you clicked on it, it will redirect you to new page where you can see following details

फेरफार नंबर फेरफाराचा प्रकार फेरफाराचा दिनांक हरकत नोंदवण्याची शेवटची तारीख सर्वे /गट क्रमांक

Next to Survey / Gata Number column on the page you can see a blue color link “Paha” click on it.

Step 4: Congratulations it will show you result on your screen and you can save it and can also take the print of this sheet and use it as per your need.

I am sure you get the Akol Mahabhulekh helpful if have any query in mind please drop it in the below comment section and will get back to you as soon as we can and don’t forget to share it.