Mee Bhoomi AP 2019: Adangal, Pahaani Online Land Record Survey Number Andhra Pradesh

When it comes to digitalization Andhra Pradesh is the role model in India for all the states as every government sector is digitalized by the state government and working fine. The people in Andhra Pradesh (AP) are very smart and already taking advantage of digitalization of govt. sectors but today I am going to share something different with you guys. If you are living in the state and wanna buy some land in state then you must be aware about the land owner and should check Andhra Pradesh Land Records Online. The citizens of Andhra use online portal videlicet is “MEE BHOOMI AP” the official Revenue website of the Andhra Pradesh Govt. for the land records here you can check Adangal, Pahaani and survey number online for this you have to follow few simple steps which I am have shared below.

You can check the land records via your Aadhaar number as it clearly mentioned on the official website when you access it will display the following message “If you do not add the land details to your Aadhaar number, you can add your Aadhaar number with your Account Number through the “Aadhar linking” option on your land web site. You can add other identification documents without Audar and can register the mobile number.

భూమి వివరములను మీ ఆధార్ నెంబర్ తో జతచేయని యడల, మీ భూమి వెబ్ సైట్ నందు “ఆధార్ లింకింగ్” ఆప్షన్ ద్వారా మీ ఆధార్ నెంబర్ ను మీ ఖాతా నెంబర్ తో జతపరచుకోవచ్చును. ఆధార్ లేనిచో ఇతర గుర్తింపు పత్రములు జతపరచగలరు.మరియు మొబైల్ నెంబర్ ను రిజిస్టర్ చేసుకోగలరు.

If you are not familiar with the Telugu language then it could be quite difficult for you to access the website as the whole website is in the regional language only however you can translate it in google for your help. Now let’ move to how to use MEE BHOOMI AP and how to check Adangal & PAHAANI on the official website I have shared in 2 separate ways so just follow the said instructions below.

Check MEE BHOOMI AP Adangal Online {మీ అడంగల్ (గ్రామ లెక్కలు 3)}

The very first thing you have to do is access the official website of Government of Andhra Pradesh and Revenue Department from here:

On the home page under the CM image you can view link Adangal (అడంగల్) click on drop down menu and now click on అడంగల్ (Adangal) as shown in example image below it will redirect to new page.

The page where you land is “మీ అడంగల్ (గ్రామ లెక్కలు 3)” Your Adangal (Village Group 3) you can check land record via 4 methods Survey Number (సర్వే నెంబరు), Account Number (ఖాతా నెంబర్), Aadhaar Number (ఆధార్ నెంబర్) & Name of the Patron (పట్టాదారుని పేరు).

You can choose any of the option given on the page its up to you if you don’t know Survey Number, Account Number or Aadhaar Number then choose Name of the patron well whatever option you choose you have to follow these steps first you have to fill your District Name“జిల్లా పేరు”, Name of the Zone “మండలం పేరు”, Village Name “గ్రామము పేరు”, the next will be whatever option opted by you for instance I am taking Name of the Patron “పట్టాదారుని పేరు”. Now enter the captcha code and finally click on submit button the below example will help you more in this regard.

Now the result will appear in front of you which includes the Account Number “ఖాతా సంఖ్య”, Survey Number “సర్వే నెంబరు”, Name of the Patron “పట్టాదారుని పేరు”, Father’s Name “తండ్రి పేరు”. Now you can click on Survey Number “సర్వే నెంబరు”, Name of the Patron “పట్టాదారుని పేరు” link and it will display you result as example given below in image. You can take its print for further help.

Check MEE BHOOMI AP Pahaani Online { గ్రామ అడంగల్ (గ్రామ లెక్కలు 3) }

Well as shared how you can view Adangal online on (MEE Bhoomi AP) in this section will how you can see the Pahaani for this once again you to access the official website which is

Andhra Pradesh Official Website :

Go to Adangal Tab and click on 2nd option Pahaani.

It will redirect you on “గ్రామ అడంగల్ (గ్రామ లెక్కలు 3) }” page where you have to choose District Name (జిల్లా పేరు) from the first column, Name of the zone (మండలం పేరు), Village Name (గ్రామము పేరు), Enter the captcha (కోడ్)  code in prescribe box and finally hit the “Submit” button an pop-up window will appear will land you on “Government of Andhra Pradesh Land Records Practitioner” where you can check the result row number wise as shown in below example image.

It was all about regarding the MEE Bhoom AP Online Land Records I am sure you have found it helpful if you have any question or suggestion for us regarding Andhra Pradesh Land Records online then drop it here however if you face any technical issue can contact the official of Andhra Pradesh Govt. here at For Technical issues: