What is E-Aadhar? How to Download Online & Its benefits

E-Aadhar Card is one of the most recent way to ensure a way towards digitization, lots of important details has been made to follow through the online mode. Aadhar Card is an initiative of government to combine all necessary information with provided unique code, 12 digits Aadhar Card no is an introduction by the Unique Identification Authority of India to make the process easy for all Indian Citizens.

What is meant by E-Aadhar Card

E-Aadhar card is known as the electronic version of Aadhar Card and the information about Aadhar Card can be downloaded on submitting all the necessary information over internet or by sharing the enrolment ID. The version of E-Aadhar card is now can be used as original ID proof.

Information part of E-Aadhar Card

The information added to the E-Aadhar Card contains several information with top priority given to biometric and demographic information.

  • Aadhar Number
  • Name of the Aadhar Card Holder
  • Photograph of the Aadhar Card Holder
  • Date of Birth of the Aadhar Card Holder
  • Sex of the Aadhar Card Holder
  • Biometric details with information about eye color and finger prints.

How to download E-Aadhar Card


Given below is the details about the process of downloading the E-Aadhar Card, you should follow this steps to get it instantly.

  • Individuals want to download the E-Aadhar Card need to collect information together available as the enrollment number, time and date provided in form of acknowledgement slip that has been received during the process of enrollment.
  • After noting down these details, the next process is to enter the enrollment number provided at the UDIAI website and fill all other details needed to be given.
  • Click on the option available as One Time Password or OTP that will be send to the user’s mobile number provided at the time of enrollment.
  • Receiving the One Time Password, the users need to enter it on the website to process further in the given field.
  • Password needed to open your UIDAI card is your area pincode, enter it and the –pdf file containing all the crucial information will be opened.

Benefits of E-Aadhar Card

  • E-Aadhar Card made it easy for the customers to travel without fear as in situation of misplace or lost of the original Aadhar Card. You can download its E-Aadhar Card from the UIDAI website.
  • E-Aadhar Card has been made mandatory for all the Indian citizens, they need to enroll for the process and it can be used as address of proof, and other related information.
  • Subsidies provided by the government of India for the schemes such as LPG, the individual need to link up their Aadhar Card details with the bank to get it directly in your account.
  • A person can avail passport easily if Aadhar Card details are with the user.

Individual can also open bank account easily with the information available as Aadhar Card.