Chhattisgarh (CG) Bhuiyan 2019 Naksha Khasra Kahtoni Online Land Records

The Initiative started by the PM Narendra Modi to make India Digital and in this series all govt. sectors are digitalizing either its transport offices or Revenue – Department you can see the digitalization several parts of Govt. sectors earlier which was limited to Private Sectors Only. The best thing about the digitalization is that it will benefits the common man as it will save their lots of time and money. For instance few years back people have to make several rounds of Govt. offices for Chhattisgarh Bhulekh Naksha Khasra Khatoni etc. but now you can get everything online from the comfort of your home.

In early days one person have to visit the govt. office for which they have to take leave and have to spent lot of time in the concern department for the Chhattisgarh Land Records so you can understand after the Digital India project you can Check Chhattisgarh Land Records Online for which you don’t have to pay any pany or don’t need to take leave from office and can view the Naksha of your land anywhere any time need only decent internet speed and laptop, pc or mobile. Well it was a quick glance of digital india and it’s benefit now let’s move to How to check Chhattisgarh Bhulekh (Bhuiyan) – Naksha, Khasra Number or Khatoni Online in 2019 online on the official website of Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan. Once you access the official website you will see the following message on the screen

“भुइयां, छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य का भू-अभिलेख कंप्यूटरीकरण परियोजना है | इसके दो अंग भुइयां व भू-नक्शा हैं | जहाँ भुइयां खसरा व खाता संबधित जानकारी का संकलन है वहीँ भू-नक्शा खसरा नक़्शे से संबधित प्रबधन के लिए साधन है | नागरिक के लिए भुइयां के द्वारा संबधित खसरा (P-II) व खतौनी (B-I) देखने की सुविधा उपलब्ध कराई गयी है | भू-नक्शा के द्वारा किसी खसरे का नक़ल देखा जा सकता है |”

You can view the information as per your need as both the option available on the website and below I am going to share one of them so just follow the below mentioned steps:

Check Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan Naksha Khasra Kahtoni Online

Well it splits in different parts so some of them I am sharing

Check Chhatisgarh Khasra Panchsala & Khatoni (B-1)

Step 1: Access the official site of CG Bhulekh which is –

Step 1: On the right hand side you will see this option “खसरा पांचसाला & खतौनी (B-1) का संक्षिप्त विवरण देखें” click on it.

Step 1: You will land on new page as shown in below image & choose any of the option accordingly.

Step 2: After choosing the option you will see District, Tehsil & Gram details as shown in below image fill them accordingly via given options in the form.

Step 3: After filling all the details accordingly it will display few more option as given example in below image tick the option accordingly. Khasra Var or Naam Vaar, Khasra Number Enter or Choose Khasra Number.

Step 4: Now it will show you the appropriate details which includes the name of the land owner, father name, caste, account no., type of land, total area, you can view the map at the end and more the below image will make you clear everything.

Check Application of Chhatisgarh Khasra Panchsala & Khatoni (B-1)

Follow the same website for this

Click on option 2nd “खसरा पांचसाला & खतौनी (B-1) हेतु आवेदन”

You will land to new page here you have to choose the District, Tehsil, Village, then choose Khasra Vaar or Naam Vaar, Chhose the Khasra Number from drop down  or enter the Khasra Number if you remember, it will show you the name of land owner to get its report enter your name, mobile number & email id & click on “Report” button or “Nikas” button as per your choice for further please follow the image.

Steps to Check Chhattisgarh Land Naksha Online in 2019

If you want to see the naksha of any land in Chhattisgarh it also easy for this just have to follow these steps.

Step 1: Access the official website of CG once again

Step 1: On right hand side bar go to Nagrik Suvidha here you can see link namely “नक्शा देखें” click on it and it will redirect to you on another website which is you can directly copy paste this link to your browser to check the naksha of Chhattisgarh.

Step 1: On Left hand side first you have to choose District, Tehsil, RI & Village it will you the land map accordingly as given in below image.

You just click on plot number and the map will be large and large instead of this it will display the Plot Info on left hand side such as:

धारणाधिकार : शासकीय भूमि
क्षेत्रफल : 11.808 हेक्टेयर
सिंचित क्षेत्रफल :
असिंचित क्षेत्रफल :

खसरा नंबर : 447
नाम :शासकीय भूमि
पिता का नाम :
पता :


May be you found this article quite lengthy but I am sure you found it helpful as well as I have shared all the important information one by one if you have any question regarding this post or have any question just drop it in comment section and I will try my best to answer your query and don’t forget to share it online.