Agra Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh (UP) Khasra , Khatauni, Map & Land Record Online

Agar Bhulekh UP 2020: Recently I have published article on Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh 2020 and shared it on social media where some users ask us to write on Agra Bhulekh Land Records Online as instead of this some people wants to know Agra Bhulekh have different website to check Khasra, Khatauni & Map in Agra District and more to keep in mind all these things I am going to share the detail process with you so that you can easily Check Agra Land Record Online with Khasra or  Khatauni Number with images.

Before I do start the process to check the Agra land record online I would like to answer the question that Agra Bhulekh has no zonal website at the moment if you want to see land map in Agra District then you have to visit the official website of the “Revenue Department & Uttar Pradesh Government” so if anyone claiming that Agra bhulekh has different website don’t trust on it. Through the official portal you can check Agra land record online via the khasra number, khatauni number & by account hold or  owner name. To know the complete process please follow the said instructions below:

Agra Bhulekh UP Land Record Online by Khasra, Khatauni Number

Check Khasra, Khatoni, Naksha & Land Record Online on Agra UP Bhulekh with Image

Step 1: First of all access you have to access the official website of Revenue Department & Uttar Pradesh Govt. UP Bhulekh which can be access from here as well:

Step 2: Here on home page you will see some options such as

  • Code of Revenue Village Khatoni (राजस्व ग्राम खतोनी का कोड जाने),
  • Know the Unique Code of Plot / Gata (भूखंड / गाटे का यूनिक कोड जाने),
  • Know the status of plots (भूखंड / गाटे के वाद ग्रस्त होने की स्तिथि जाने),
  • Know the status of sale of plots (भूखंड / गाटे के विक्रय की स्तिथि जाने),
  • See imitation of Khatoni (rights record) (खतोनी (अधिकार अभिलेख) की नक़ल देखे),
  • See duplicate fragmentation (खतोनी अंश निर्धारण की नक़ल देखे).

These options are available on the header section of the website you can also get the helpful links on the website if you scroll down and can use it for other purpose the home page UP Bhulekh looks like.

Step 2: Whatever option you choose have to follow the same process here I am selecting imitation of Khatoni (rights record) {खतोनी (अधिकार अभिलेख) की नक़ल देखे}. Once you clicked on it will give you some funny captcha code enter it in the prescribe box and hit the submit button.

Up 1

Step 3: Now you will be redirect on a new page where you have to choose District >> Tehsil >> Village respectively. Here you have to choose your District Agra then choose the Tehsil accordingly and finally village name if you are facing difficulty in finding the village name then just click on the first letter of your village name it will display only those villages names which are starts with that letter you can understand it better with this image


Agra Bhulekh Land Record

Step 4: As you can see the village name click on your village name, now the new page will appear on the screen where you will see 3 options on the header

  • “Search by Khasra / Gata Number” (खसरा / गाटा संख्या द्वारा खोजे) ,
  • “Search by Account Number” (खाता संख्या द्वारा खोजें),
  • “Search by Account Holder Name” (खातेदार के नाम द्वारा खोजें).

So choose the appropriate option and enter the details accordingly.

Up 4

(Note: You have to choose the virtual keyboard given on website your mobile keyboard won’t work on it.)

Step 5: After entering the required detail next click on “Search” button. Now it will you the result choose the option and click on See Example “उदाहरण देखे

Up 3

Step 6: Finally it will show you complete details and copy of Khatoni, via it you can know the real owner name and can do the needful you can take its print for further I have shared a copy of example with you in below image.

Up 5

Disclaimer: The above figures are only for reference, a certified copy of quote from Tahsil Computer Center and CSC / Lokwani Center can be obtained.

Hope you found Agra Bhulekh Land Records Khasra Khatauni number & map details online helpful if you have any doubt or query in mind just drop it in below comment section and one of our team member will get back to you accordingly and please don’t forget to share this information with your friends it can save someone to property fraud.