Aadhar Card PDF Password Remover – How to Remove e-Aadhaar Password with or Without Software?

Aadhaar card is one of the most important documents in India and we all can download it via online mode through the official website but when we download e – aadhar and try to open it ask for the password and the password is the combination of your name and birth year every time you open it in your PC, Laptop or Mobile it will ask for password every time well it’s good if your documents is password protect because other than you no one can use it but however some time we need the e-aadhaar pdf without password.

I personally recommend to use e-aadhaar card pdf password protect however if you still want to use aadhaar card without password for any reason then my today’s post will help in this regard today I am going to tell you how can you remove the .pdf password from e-aadhar card with software or without any software.

Steps to Remove e-Aadhaar Card .Pdf Password without Software

There are several users who are not very tech savvy and don’t want to download any software in their computer / laptop. I am assuming that you have successfully downloaded the e-aadhar so just follow the below said steps to remove e aadhar card .pdf password.

Please note this procedure is for computer and laptop users only if you are downloaded e-aadhar in mobile then please go for the another method which is describe below.

Step 1: Open the downloaded .pdf E-Aadhaar Card

Step 2: Enter your password which is the combination of your name and birth year e.g. ABCD1999

Step 3: now your aadhar card is opened in pdf file Go to “Edit” menu which is on left hand side at the top

Step 4: Now under edit menu bar click on “Copy File to Clipboard

Step 5: Open MS Paint or Paint in your computer and press (Ctrl+V)

Step 6: Now your aadhaar will be pasted on Paint file now you can set its size and press (Ctrl+S) and save this file in .JPEG or .JPG format.

Step 7: If you open this .jpeg file it will not ask for any password and you can easily open your e-aadhaar card without any password. That’s it

2nd Method to Remove Aadhaar Card PDF Password without any Software

The another way to remove the .pdf aadhaar card password without any software is using via smallpdf.com just follow the below mentioned steps

  • Open the smallpdf.com
  • Click on Unlcok Pdf button
  • A new window will appear here you have to click on Choose File now upload your aadhaar card
  • Now click on check box and then click on “Unlock Pdf” button.
  • Now you have to enter your aadhaar card pdf password for the first time
  • After entering the password you will redirect to new page here you will see your aadhaar card file and download option
  • Click on it and download your aadhaar card in destination place in pc.
  • Now open new file which you have downloaded it will not ask for any password that’s it.

So, you can see yourself how easy both the method are, I am damn sure you can do it yourself however if you want to do it with software then choose the below methods.

Download Aadhaar Card PDF Password with Software

Well there are several online .pdf unlock software are available you can get the list online from Google and can opt out any of them please use the free versions only as most of the software are paid so just use free .pdf unlock software, however if you have much use you can go for the pro option as well.

Some of the recommended pdf password unlock are

  • https://www.pdf-unlocker.com
  • https://www.bitrecover.com/aadhaar-card-password-remover/
  • https://turgs.com/aadhar-card-password-remover/

Hope it works for you if you have any suggestion feedback please let me know via your valuable comments.